Established in 2021, SABBÍA STUDIO is a London-based womenswear & lifestyle brand.

SABBÍA STUDIO was founded by a cohort of women from different walks of life with one shared goal.

To fill the gap of wardrobe favourites comfortable enough to be worn at home and elegant enough to be seen out in, whilst maintaining a strong responsibility to the environment.

The pieces are simple, yet unique for the everyday woman who seeks comfort, ease, modesty & function.

With conscious progression and sustainability at our core, we ensure that our sourcing process is responsible, our production is ethical and our product & community remains inclusive.

Our colour palette is consistent and is drawn from our Middle Eastern roots & Desert land.

The qualities of the desert lends to the functionality of our pieces, which can be worn from Day to Night and in Hot & Cold. In addition to this is the beauty and form of the bare necessities found in barren land; Sand, Water & Air.

All our pieces are designed, developed & manufactured in the UK, with care and consideration. We ensure that all methods in our supply chain meet the highest standards.  Zero-waste, Water Soluble dyes, and deadstock fabric being our starting point.

We make a commitment to your comfort & our planet. Thank you for taking the time to find out more about what inspires us.